Windows VPS Web Hosting


If you need a Virtual Private Server hosting platform that is going to be easy to use plus work like a charm with then the Windows based system will definitely be your best bet. Windows based hosting definitely has its advantages when it comes to ease of use, the latest software and of course the amazing support that is available in case you get into a mess. The Windows Server 2012, which most hosting companies use, is one of the most advanced website host and support program available and saves its users quite a bit of time when it comes to server maintenance, upgrades and operations. The list below is what I feel to be the 3 best VPS options for Windows hosting that will be reliable as well as cost effective for most any user. Thanks for taking a look!

Windows VPS Hosting Reviews Price Location VPS Hosting Company
My Hosting
vps-hosting-review $11.96/month myhosting-vps-hosting
Liquid Web
vps-hosting-review $50.00/month liquidweb-vps-hosting
vps-hosting-review $40.00/month ebound-vps-hosting

Top Reasons to Use a Windows Based Hosting Platform

There is always a debate going on in the hosting world as to whether Windows or Linux is the better operating system for web based servers. There are definitely several pros and cons to each but if you look at the big picture then there are several reasons why a Windows based virtual private server will be the best in the long run when looking at several major factors.

  1. The top factor in Windows hosting is that is simply much easier to use. Since it is NOT open source software then there is actually a designated development team who designs the program to be user friendly and straightforward. This way, its users have a system which is based on a set of rules and parameters instead of something that can be tweaked by any person with basic programming knowledge.
  2. Another important point as to why a Windows based server would be a huge advantage to you is the availability of support that you can count on to be accurate. With any open source project such as Linux, there are millions of websites with comments that constantly contradict each other based on different experiences. Windows based hosting software has a straightforward approach to solving any issue where support is needed because its designers know exactly how they system works and know exactly what software will interact with the system.
  3. When it comes to software availability, Windows is king simply because it is still the dominate force for anyone using a PC. When you need the best for your VPS server or any other hosting platform then the Windows system will give you access to tons of great programs that can enhance your server and your website capabilities that work and work well. There is absolutely no need to search the Internet for hours trying to locate software that actually works the way it is supposed to and then find out that it has security flaws or simply does not operate the way it the creator described (been there many times and believe me it is a big headache).

So if you are looking for a server that easy to use, has access to the best software and will save you time and a lot of confusion then any Windows based hosting provider will have what you need to obtain the best and most secure website around.