Why Upgrade to VPS Hosting

From VPSWebHostings.com

With the huge increase in hosting services worldwide, standard shared hosting has grown to a point where it seems to offer the customer everything they need at a very inexpensive price. After all, a basic shared hosting plan gives their clients unlimited bandwidth and more and more hosting companies are offering unlimited hosted domains as well. So with all these goodies only costing around $100 to $150 dollars a year, why should someone even waste their time with VPS hosting? Lets take a closer look and find out more.

When a person or small to medium size business in using a basic hosting setup then they are sharing the same IP addresses as well as bandwidth with often 500 or more other websites. Think of it as lots of small particles (websites) floating around in a water pipe going back and forth through a filter that lets the particles through at a certain rate of flow. Everything works fine until the demand for water increases and then the filter is called on to process the particles at a much more rapid rate. The particles (websites) cannot all fit through the processing filter at once and that is where the problems occur. When you do not have a VPS hosting platform, you take the risk of your site being at the mercy of hundreds or thousands of other websites traffic flows and therefore having some major downtime when such problems occur.

Lets say your new website is starting to gain popularity and you want to present it at a luncheon to some potential investors. If your site is on the same hosting platform that some Hollywood star just mentioned on TV then guess what. Your site is going to be in the dark for a few hours or even sometimes a few days before it gets back up and running.

When you have a VPS hosting platform, you do share your bandwidth with other VPS hosting clients but nowhere near the extreme that is associated with basic shared hosting. VPS hosting also gives users their own personalized IP addresses so that your professional website is not sharing the same IP as billy-bobspigfarm.com. People do not often think that IP addresses matter but any professional webmaster will tell you that personalized IP addresses are a huge advantage to search engine optimization as well as making your website more professional looking.

VPS hosting also lets their users control the amount of traffic going to a site as well as which programs are installed on your server. Some web scripting languages such as Ruby require special software to upload that many basic cheap hosting platforms do not offer. Even if your VPS does not have the software you need to recognize a certain language then guess what? You can upload it yourself onto the server to create a more customized look or capability for your website.

Choosing a VPS web hosting platform will also give your website or websites much more security as well as speed so that other peoples actions will not affect the performance that you want or need. If there are any updates needed while using a VPS then your hosting company will provide them for you automatically and free of charge so that you can focus on your business.

Hopefully this article has provides some insight as to why VPS hosting is really worth the money in the long run. The cost of quality VPS hosting is usually between $300 to $700 dollars a year depending on what kind of package you choose but the benefits will be quickly seen when if you are serious about your online business. Thanks for checking us out.