What is VPS Hosting

From VPSWebHostings.com

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting is a type of hosting that gives it users a much more personal experience in how the server is operated. When an individual or business chooses a VPS platform they are getting a lot more security, customizability, and speed as opposed to a shared hosting platform.

A great way to visualize how VPS hosting actually works is to think of a condominium as opposed to a dormitory. VPS hosting acts just like a condominium because it is a private home that is attached to other private homes in a larger building. You can paint the condominium, change carpet colors, lighting, doors or about anything else you want. Plus a condominium is a relatively safe place to live where you can go to work or on vacation without too many worries about your personal belongings. VPS hosting offers all the same things mentioned above and more on an Internet related level.

In a dormitory, you are pretty much stuck with what everybody else has including showers, rotten pizza or the guy with the gas problem across the hall. Also the idea of keeping valuables in the open in a dormitory usually doesnt end with a happy ending for the owner of those valuables. Does dormitory life sound good to you? That is essentially what you are getting in the Internet world when you choose a shared hosting plan over a VPS hosting plan.

Virtual Private Server Hosting gives it users a more professional platform as well as more professional tools with lots of VPS advantages like:

  • private IP addresses
  • ability to upload new software to the server
  • self rebooting
  • scheduled file backups

Plus most VPS hosting packages give their customers the opportunity to host multiple websites which can be quite beneficial for a business or an individual who needs to market several products.

Making the decision to choose VPS hosting is something that will not be regretted if you are serious about having a server that provides the best value for the money as well as gives more safety, reliability and peace of mind.