What is Parallels Plesk?

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Many VPS hosting providers today allow their clients to choose between the types of software that will be used to manage their servers. To make things easier for companies, web host administrators, web site owners and millions of users, there is a reliable and easy to use type of software that can simplify the management processes. It is known as Parallels Plesk and it can definitely make things much easier. Parallels Plesk a professional control panel that provides an easy to use interface for managing hosting on a server and at the same time can give all control and management to any group of assigned users. It is mostly popular with VPS hosting simply because it gives the owner or client of the hosting a much broader range of tools to work with.

With a lot of hosting software there are always some issues and concerns about upgrading from an older version to the latest version and the migration of websites that use different kinds of control panel into another newer control panel setup. However, with the use of Parallels Plesk those problems are eliminated. Site migration is much easier because it only uses half of the disc space that most other hosting software uses for migrating. It's also the only hosting solution that will scale up as the hosting requirements grow from a single site or server into a multi-server cloud solution with millions of websites.

Parallels Plesk Panel allows full control by both web host manager and website owners on all aspects of operation including security. It has the most sophisticated, but easy to use web hosting features available to both Windows and Linux operating systems. Here are some of its best features:

  • The latest version of Parallels Plesk Panel is designed to meet the best management practices used by Linux and Windows administrators. For Linux admin, Parallels Plesk Panel can significantly simplify the configuration of the users home indexes. It allows the user to put their files where they need them to be in order to avoid confusion with unrecognizable system folders and can be easily located when it is needed. It also significantly improves the Command Line Interface for admins that want to bypass the GUI for speed and convenience
  • The Parallels Plesk Panel can make the work of server administrators easier with the support of the well-known Atomic and Remi storage system that provides multiple 3rd party updates. This is a Hybrid Web Server that can send static content and PHP scripts to NGINX and at the same time, can execute other scripts on Apache. Also, it is very convenient for accessing multiple databases using the same credentials.
  • It can be customized to enable multiple versions of PHP to be installed on any server and can specifically define PHP version for a particular website. It is also compatible with FastCGI or CGI.
  • The security features have been enhanced through additional support from administrators on Linux so that it is no longer required to share passwords. It has secure FTP that is PCI compliant that mitigate the risks of passwords interceptions.

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The latest Parallels Plesk Panel which is version 11.5 at the time of this article was written, is one of the most sophisticated and rich in features control panel product on the market today. It can deliver unmatched control and high grade usability and management that will result in less time spent on administrating and training. It is a just step away from the next level of multi-server professional hosting software, the Parallels Plesk Automation system. The system is a logical evolution of the Plesk Panel that allows centralization of e-mail or web-mail management on Linux and Windows shared servers at the same time. It also allows shared hosting services to easily be converted into Virtual Private Server services in a matter of a short period of time. This is another reason that so many hosting company who offer both shared and VPS hosting prefer Parallels Plesk.

Parallels Plesk Panel 11.5 offers the best features for website owners as well. The system lowers reliance on technical support groups and offers the following conveniences to website owners, as follows:

  • The system is designed for websites and domain management, thereby making the works of website owners and webmasters much easier.
  • Its control panel interface was revised for more convenience and comfort in using its tools. The website and domain tabs are on the home screen for easy access and management. The home screen has a built-in search box for easy browsing and searching.
  • Web site owners can have several choices for web-mail clients that include Roundcube and Horde IMP 5.0.