VPS Hosting Advantages

From VPSWebHostings.com

The first time I ever looked at Virtual Private Server hosting I was left with a lot of questions with the most prevalent one being "Why do I need that?". After all my shared hosting seemed to work okay and most of the time my sites worked with no problems at all. So why pay an extra $400 to $500 dollars a year for two eggs that looked the same? Once I started researching the topic then the answer became very clear.

VPS hosting provides so much more for the user than basic shared hosting. And when the advantages are all laid out on the table then the extra money spent is definitely worth a VPS upgrade. First and foremost is the fact that a Virtual Private Server will allow its users to customize most every aspect of the server such as allotted traffic space for each website, what types of software can be used as well as general controls that allow for basic maintenance and adjustments on the server.

Imagine that you have a profitable website that is hosted on a basic shared hosting package. Another webmaster has a site on the same shared hosting that is full of illegal content. When the authorities come to investigate his or her illegal actions then the first thing they are going to be interested in is the IP address of the suspicious site as well as the other sites on that same address. Do you want your site to be even tied to any such investigation? With VPS web hosting you have your own private IP address and the sites you display therefore are directly linked back to you and only you.

Another big advantage of VPS hosting as opposed to shared hosting is the ability to not be effected by another sites traffic. If your profitable site is on a shared hosting platform and some other site on the same platform is mentioned by Oprah Winfrey then guess what? Every website on that particular platform is going to freeze completely due to the massive amount of traffic coming to the mentioned site for hours and sometimes days until the hysteria is over. Is VPS hosting sounding better to you now?

If you are still not convinced then lets look at one more common scenario. Webmaster A has a shared hosting plan and Webmaster B has a VPS plan. Both Webmaster A and B wake up one morning to find out that their websites are down. Webmaster A has to send an email to the support staff at his or her hosting company and wait several hours for a response which is usually followed by more questions from the support staff. Three to five hours later Webmaster As site is back up and running. Webmaster B with VPS web hosting has a similar issue with his site being down. He or she can simply log into their Virtual Private Server and reboot the entire server which many times will fix the problem immediately if it is not a hardware issue. Webmaster B also has access to many other features that will allow him or her to get a quick idea of what is causing the issue. This information can be shared with the support staff and most of the time Webmaster Bs site is back up and running in less than an hour.

By now the advantages of VPS web hosting compared to shared hosting should be quite evident. If you simply want a small website to display photographs of your grandchildren then shared hosting is definitely the way to go but if you are looking for something more then it might be time to decide whether or not a VPS hosting platform is right for you.