Offshore VPS Hosting


Sometimes offshore hosting is quite beneficial for companies or individuals who wish to reach out to other international markets or target specific countries. The following list of offshore hosting sites and reviews includes reputable companies that I have worked with and found to be quite reliable and easy to deal with. Some of these offshore providers do not offer VPS hosting as such but allow the customers to create Web Hotels which can operate in a similar fashion. The only negative part about offshore hosting is that it is more expensive than hosting in the USA or Canada.

Quality Rank Percentage Reviews Price Location VPS Hosting Company
Award Space Hosting
vps-hosting-review $16.50/month awardspace-vps-hosting
Domain Name Shop
offshore-vps-hosting-review $8.45/month* domainnameshop-hosting
offshore-vps-hosting-review $79.00/month vodien-vps-hosting
IP Mirror
offshore-vps-hosting-review $89.00/month ipmirror-hosting

*The price shown for Domain Name Shop is only for shared hosting but it is definitely the cheapest price for the best quality to be found for Offshore Hosting if you do not need a VPS.

Five Things to Look For in Offshore Hosting

When we often hear the word "offshore" we immediately associate it with something mysterious or maybe even something only for the elite. The truth is that most anyone can afford offshore hosting and most often you will discover that your new hosting provider on the other side of the world is easier to work with and has better technical support than what you are used to at home. So what is most important when it comes to deciding which offshore provider deserves your business? Below are 5 points that most everyone should consider when buying an offshore VPS or any other type of hosting in a foreign country in order to make sure you get exactly what you want without getting burned.

  1. Make sure that the hosting provider is truly "offshore". Often many hosting companies from Canada or the Bahamas want to portray themselves as being offshore but in actual fact they are under the same jurisdiction as most US based hosting providers. You can find out more about the company by asking them where their servers are located as well as in which country their company is registered or do the research for yourself online.
  2. Verify that your possible new hosting provider has employees that speak English. You would be surprised at the amount of web hosting companies in non-English speaking countries that have very few or no people on staff who speak English. The best hosting company in the world is worthless if you can't communicate with them. Send them an email with a few questions about what they offer and see how they respond.
  3. Check to see which domain name registrar the company uses to host domains purchased through them. Make sure it is an offshore registrar that is not connected to any US based domain registrars. You can find out easily which registrar the company uses by simply contacting them and asking.
  4. Understand that most real offshore hosting companies advertise the price of their products in their local currency. So if you see a price that seems high make sure you first convert the price into US dollars to find out exactly how much you will be paying before you make any final decisions.
  5. If you are looking for VPS hosting platform then be sure to find out to make sure that the offshore provider's definition of a virtual private server matches what you are wanting. There can be a gray area sometimes in regards to what actually is a VPS and what is not. Some companies both in the US and abroad can claim to be selling virtual private server hosting but in actual fact it is more like an upgraded shared hosting platform.

Hopefully these five points will help you in finding what you are looking for as well as being happy with your purchase in the future. All VPS hosting providers listed above have thoroughly been checked out by us and meet all the criteria for truly being categorized as offshore. If you have any questions we would love to hear from you.