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Having a website either for personal use or for an online business is great. The only concern is that it should run smoothly at all times 24 hours a day, seven days a week but this is not always the case if you have spent any time at all with web hosting. We could manage it by ourselves if need be but most normal people do need to sleep at least a few hours a day. Another great option is to allow our hosting company to fully manage our website which is known as managed hosting. Managed hosting services from our web host company will allow us to focus on our core business while not worrying about if our site is up or not of if there are any malware or attempted hacks to the site.

Since there are several web hosting companies that offer managed VPS hosting services, each company has their own set of rules and policies. It is better for a website owner to know and understand those rules and policies before signing up for a particular company. Although this article does not dwell on that issue it does forewarn readers to the fact that as of this writing there are no established industry standards of every aspect of managed hosting. The interpretations of terminologies used in management contracts are often favorable to the web hosting companies. This article aims to enlighten readers about the importance of managed VPS hosting services.

Below are two of the more popular choices for managed VPS hosting

Rank VPS Managed Hosting Customer Satisfaction Best Known For Latest Customer Feedback Price Country Feedback

Extremely Versatile
Free Storm Firewall
$50.00/mo liquidweb-vps-hosting

Offsite Backups
2 IP Addresses
$49.95/mo hostgator-vps-hosting

Why should we allow other people to have some access to our website that contains our personal data and information? That seems to be weird, but it would be clearer if we will define what Managed VPS Hosting is here. The term managed, refers to as having a web based control panel where to administer the functions of the virtual private server and all its network related functions by a hosting professional. The management will only be confined to the functions and uses of the server including security against attacks from hackers and any malware, hence, your website contents will be your sole obligation and responsibility.

Here are some important benefits a website owner can have under managed VPS hosting, as follows:

  • It ensures flawless performance of your website to the World Wide Web.
  • It offers high-speed accessibility to your website visitors.
  • It guarantees better security and proactive measures to ensure the security of your server.
  • It offers backups and easy disaster recovery of your data.
  • It provides continuous monitoring of your server.
  • It provides immediate troubleshooting by highly qualified engineers.
  • It saves you a lot of money by not having to hire and train technical personnel.

Having your website under managed web hosting services will of course entail some costs however the costs will be minimal in comparison to what it would be if you had to hire full time technical personnel to manage your own website and physical server. Proper server training is very important to ensure the highest technical knowhow and have updated knowledge regarding the security of your website and server as well as troubleshooting software bugs and technical problems. This is why managed VPS hosting is so important because you get everything mentioned above at a very fair price.

Another important consideration is the cost of the server itself and hardware plus its maintenance and operating costs. Only a few larger website owners can afford a high quality and top notch private server. In the rare case of an unforeseen disaster, your website will go offline and you will not have any other alternative than replace your server and equipment. With a managed server, you don't have to worry about any unforeseen events. Most high end hosting companies have facilities and redundant data centers in several locations will not be affected by natural or man-made disasters, hence, your website will continue to run smoothly at all times.

The content of your website should be backed-up daily which all managed hosting includes to make sure your data is protected in the case of any unforeseen issues. By having this data backed up with a managed VPS hosting package, any recovery could be done quickly and with minimum loss of downtime of your site. In this way, you can have total peace of mind without worrying about the loss of your important files and data.

Some people might think that leasing a dedicated server from some other web hosting companies could be a good option but in the end managed VPS hosting still is the most cost effective options. Managed VPS hosting starts at around $50.00 a month while a dedicated server will start at around $100.00 US dollars a month.

After learning more about managed VPS hosting you might be inclined to move your website to this kind of web hosting service however website owners should be careful in choosing their provider. As mentioned before, since there is no industry standard for this kind of services, website owners should read and understand every term and condition that is contained in the service agreement before signing to make sure that they are getting the real deal. It is much better to be picky and do your homework now than regret it later.

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