Linux VS Windows VPS Hosting


In the hosting world there are two major forces that pretty much dominate the server industry and those are Linux and Windows. Like any normal computer, servers require an operating system to make them function as well as give the user an interface in which to use the server. Without them we would all have to write long lines of code just to execute one simple command. Thank you Linux and Windows for making our lives easier in that sense!

When it comes time to pick a server for any Virtual Private Server platform, most hosting companies give us the choice of which server side software we would prefer to use in order to operate our VPS. Choices often though are like a doubled edge sword. It is great to have them but when we are not knowledgeable about the choices then sometimes we can pick something that we really do not need.

Instead of writing pages of pages of boring technical content regarding the differences between Linux and Windows based VPS hosting platforms I am going to make this extremely simple. You are going to fit under one of three groups below and whichever one describes you best is what you should choose.

  • Group A - You or your company is looking for a more stable hosting platform to run one big site or many multiple sites. You want to buy a lot of software (Ruby on Rails, SOAP, etc.) to upgrade your VPS platform but you do not want to spend a lot of money doing so. You really love the idea of Open Source computer platforms. Then Linux VPS Hosting is for you!
  • Group B - You or your company is looking for a more stable hosting platform to run one big site or many multiple sites. Some of your employees mention that they love working with which is Microsofts web design language. Your main site or web sites are already built on and you need to make sure that your server will support it. The company is also doing very well financially and paying big bucks for some potential software upgrades is really not big deal. Then Windows VPS Hosting is for you!
  • Group C - You want a good stable hosting platform where you can take on some high traffic if needed and you do not have any plans to upgrade to any non-standard hosting languages or software. You work mainly in HTML, PHP, Javascript, etc. and you are comfortable with that. Then Windows or Linux will be just fine for you and most likely you will never notice the difference between the two.

You might notice that some companies will try to charge a little bit more for Windows VPS hosting mainly due to the software expenses so if you are looking for the cheapest alternative then a Linux based VPS hosting platform will be your best choice.

Hopefully this has helped simplify the whole debate between Linux and Windows hosting so that you can make a better informed decision. Thanks for taking the time to check us out!