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Best Value for VPS $11.96/mo myhosting-vps-hosting

Best Site Speed $19.95/mo hostgator-vps-hosting

Great Features and Freebies $19.95/mo ipage-vps-hosting

Are you looking for the cheapest VPS web hosting company? Before going into where to find the lowest priced web hosting company that can provide you with reliable and dependable web hosting services, lets find out what a VPS is to make sure it is really what you want. First of all, it is an acronym for a Virtual Private Server. What does that mean? To save time and get right down to the gist of it a VPS operates essentially like a private server but is sectioned off on a single server into smaller blocks for speed and security enhancements.

To put it in even more simple terms, think of a shared server like you would a dormitory at a college, a private server like a single family home with a yard and a virtual private server like a townhome. Think about that example and it will become very clear to you what exactly a VPS is.

So now that is out of the way lets get down to the reason you actually are looking at this article; to find a cheap VPS provider. Below is a list of what we consider to be the lowest priced hosting companies around that offer a VPS while still maintaining a good level or reliability and customer satisfaction. Sure you can find other packages that cost less but do you really want a hosting company based out of somebodys basement in China?

Among the top web hosting providers under the above-mentioned, there are three web hosting companies that we feel excel in providing a low cost virtual private server that is reliable and provides their customers with quality support. MyHosting, iPage, and HostGator offer the cheapest web hosting setup and still offer a top quality service. Their shared plan for a start up and small business website is simple but complete for the creation and maintenance of a modest website. Their VPS package has all the basic features needed for fast growing website and will easily provide the speed and security that you are looking for.

In consideration of speed or bandwidth, security and Virtual Private Server performance these three web hosting companies namely, HostGator, iPage, and MyHosting are definitely the winners in our opinion and should be considered for your business or personal needs.

Other Things To Consider:

It's too costly for a small businessman or website owner to purchase the server equipment and software needed for its own operation. It's also too costly to operate and maintain the server. Most small businesspeople and website owners buy a VPS from a cost effective point of view. And obviously get the best VPS for your money is the name of the game. The competition between webhosting companies is very so getting a lot for a little is very common now because these providers know what important thing; that if you like what you get then you will most likely be their customer for many years to come.

The best way to determine which web hosting company is the best and cheapest, we have to make a common point of reference so that our comparison would be much equitable and fair. What would be our common categories in determining the best and lowest priced hosting company? We will be taking into consideration categories that matter the most to anyone interested in a VPS. Here are as follows:

  • Speed - It is very important to anyone to have his or her products or services promoted or to be known to the whole world as soon as it is uploaded to the website. Time is of the essence in advertising as well as in the marketing of products and services. Once a prospective client visits a website it has been determined that that they will stay on the site between 3 and 7 seconds examining the product before they go somewhere else. Do you want those 3 to 7 seconds spent on the client waiting for the site to open or for them to see what you have to offer?
  • Security - Is another important factor in choosing a web hosting company. All the data stored on a website are an important asset of a business or personal site. A web hosting company should offer a secured domain and hosting platform to their clients to safeguard those important data against malicious hackers or a computer virus.
  • Performance - Virtual Private Server performance should always be the determining factor in choosing a web hosting company. The data storage limit, the ease of uploading and downloading data and the ease of using its software, plug-ins and add-ons are extremely important. Customer care is also an important part of a business deal with a web hosting company. The availability of technical staff to conduct troubleshooting services for 24 hours a day, seven days a week should be available.

Certainly, we want to pay for what we need and not something that we dont. That is why it is extremely important to be careful when choosing the right VPS hosting package in order to get the perfect setup for ourselves or our business.

The list below is what we feel to be a good representation of low priced VPS companies that provide reliable plans that our visitors can count on. We do have an affiliate relationship with each of the companies we promote and we receive a small commission at no cost to you if you do decide to click on any one of the links and sign up. Thanks for checking us out!