Cheap VPS Hosting


If you are looking for VPS hosting for yourself or your business then the prices below represent the lowest cost reputable companies on the market today. Each of these companies have been in business for at least 9 years or more and have proven themselves over time by providing good customer support, money back guarantees and plenty of options to communicate with their customers in case there are any issues of any sorts. Cheaper VPS hosting may indeed exists elsewhere but I can guarantee you that it will not be able to provide you with the technical infrastructure and website reliability that the 5 companies listed below can.

Cheapest Hosting Reviews Price Location VPS Hosting Company
My Hosting
vps-hosting-review $11.96/month myhosting-vps-hosting
Award Space Hosting
vps-hosting-review $16.50/month awardspace-vps-hosting
Host Gator
vps-hosting-review $19.95/month hostgator-vps-hosting
In Motion
vps-hosting-review $29.95/month inmotion-vps-hosting
IX Web Hosting
vps-hosting-review $54.95/month ixwebhosting-vps-hosting

What to Watch for When Buying Low Priced Hosting

With some things like gasoline or paper towels the lower the price we pay the better. After all, we know there are certain standards that the gas and paper towel companies wont cross to get our money when it comes to quality. Those lines unfortunately have not yet crossed over into the hosting world.

When dealing with cheap hosting providers there is often a line that is crossed when it comes to basic service and customer support which often gets the consumer in quite a mess. Sure you can go out right now and get VPS hosting through some companies for as little as $2.95 a month but that super low price will most likely end up costing you a ton of headaches in the end.

The reason why the cheapest hosting in town is not always the best is because the companies are actually selling you a lower quality hosting platform that is designed to look like a VPS server but in actual reality has very few features that a virtual private server is actually needed for. To put it plainly you are buying what you think is a glass of wine and only getting a glass of water.

These discount virtual private server companies are also famous for getting you to sign up for their hosting and then offering a lot of add-on features to bump up the price which is not such a great deal in the end. Before you know it you are spending more money on your new VPS server then you would have if you would have stuck with a reliable and reputable hosting company.

All the companies listed above are guaranteed to offer top notch support and service combined with the hosting platform you want and deserve at a great price. Plus each and every company recommended through offers a money back guarantee so you can be sure that you get exactly what you want or get your money back. So give one of these companies a try and we promise you will not be disappointed.