VPS Web Hosting

Hi, my name is Brian McGill and I have been working in the web server/web design business since 2006. My wife and I currently run our own web dedicated server hosting development business in which we own 4 different servers (2 VPS hosting setups and 2 shared hosting setups) all through different companies and different platforms. Needless to say we have gained quite a bit of knowledge over the years about vps hosting company as well as the advantages of VPS hosting over basic shared hosting. Because of this I felt that the information we have obtained should be available to others in order to help them make a more informative decision when searching for cheap VPS server hosting or shared hosting platforms online. And about which services support a particular software that you need, for example, java, etc. If you have any questions about unlimited bandwidth hosting which is very affordable. Or, if you have questions about cheapest unlimited web hosting please do not hesitate to contact me.